Successful Crowdfunding Campaign Videos We Produced

For several years now crowdfunding has become an attractive way to raise money. From the sole inventor to established businesses, they’ve all taken advantage and have forgone traditional methods of fundraising like applying for a bank loan or finding an angel investor. What’s most alluring about crowdfunding is how backers interact with the campaign. It’s much more than a donation; their voices are heard, they spread the word to their friends, and often at times feedback is well accepted.

Over the course of 2016 we had the opportunity to produce various successful campaigns that were released on either Kickstarter or IndieGogo. Based on these experiences we published a blog titled 6 Tips To Make Your Product Crowdfunding Video Succeed that outlined what we felt were prominent points to a successful campaign.

We’re visual people, and at its core a successful crowdfunding campaign will rely on a professional video. That’s what our video production team specializes in. We bring expertise in compelling storytelling to products we believe in and deliver a video that will be an asset for a campaign.

Apollo 7

The challenge of launching a new product is distinguishing it within the market. With the Bluetooth headphone market gaining much traction, branding firm Vanson & Associates approached us to produce a video for the revolutionary wireless Bluetooth earphones Apollo 7 by Erato Audio. The completed video was technical in nature and utilized testimonials to convey the power of the product.

At the start of the campaign the asking amount was $88,888, and when done the funds raised amounted to $500,846. The video that we produced was a valuable piece to the campaign that showcased the product through cinematic visuals and audio detailing the perks of the product.

Muse 5 & Rio 3

Several months after the success of Apollo 7, Vanson & Associates once again approached us with the task to produce a video for Erato’s latest product – the Muse 5 and Rio 3. The two new earphones were priced economically when compared to their luxury predecessor, yet both products retained the advanced features of Apollo 7.

The focus for the Muse 5 and Rio 3 video was on lifestyle and how each earphone could benefit the individual wearing the pair. Again, we took a high production value route and at the end of the campaign Muse 5 and Rio 3 amassed $824,266 after asking for $50,000.


The campaign for HyperDrive, an all-inclusive dongle, was one meant for improving a product release. In the fall of 2016 Apple announced and released their newest MacBook Pro laptops to much fanfare and criticism. The concern for most was the removal of standardized ports many had become accustomed to.

Sanho Corporation approached us to produce a video for HyperDrive that showcased their product as a more efficient, less expensive accessory. Going for a clean-eye catching aesthetic, the completed video provided viewers with a thorough glimpse of its capabilities. With a goal of $100,000, this campaign became one the most successful endeavors we produced for; the final tally was $1.84 million.

Wrapping Up The Campaign

It’s our job to realize the vision of the product the company is promoting. Through our knowledge of visuals and audio, we’re at the pinnacle of offering high production value to campaign videos.

These three successful campaigns are just an example of the several that we’ve been involved with that have surpassed their goal. Through these endeavors, we’re forging relationships with companies and developing a repertoire that here at Mac House we deliver promising videos that will be valuable assets for campaigns and for marketing.