Mac House has a team of professionals to help you with any production, and great rates for gear and equipment rentals. We have a Freefly Cinema Movi (MōVI) M15 stabilizer rig for rent, as well as a Red Epic Dragon Camera package. We are owner operators and have been trained to use the movi m15 rig, as well as other brushless gimbal systems. Many mistakenly rent movi systems without a proper technician, and do not realize it requires a specialized and detailed setup process in order to work properly. Mac House Productions provides hands on, one on one service and technical assistance for any and all productions and/or clients.

See our gear and rental page for a full list of camera packages, lenses, lights, steadicams, and other film video production equipment for rental. If it isn’t listed, we can get it for you!

With the Freefly MōVI being a fairly new piece of equipment, many of the pieces required to properly rig the MōVI to wires, steadicam arms, and other equipment don’t exist yet. With persistence and much trial and error, we have created custom parts, streamlined the wiring, cabling, and rigging for our MōVI setup. Each camera requires a different balance and wiring on the MōV, we’re equipped to fly anything from a DSLR to a Red Epic camera on our rig.

The MōVI excels at creating dynamic shots by allowing you to move the camera through space. But doing so also means your lens will lose focus on your subject. Having a wireless follow focus on your rig is paramount for maintaining critical focus. We even have start/stop run enabled for many cameras off of our wireless remote.


Being tethered to the camera by a video feed kind of defeats the purpose of having a wireless follow focus.  Here at Mac House Productions our kit includes ultra low-latency wireless video.  The feed gives signal from the camera to the 1st AC and/or the gimbal operator.


The brains of the M10 can be directed by suggestions of the operator holding the gimbal in Majestic Mode. However with more complex camera moves, and in difficult conditions this can potentially work against you. By switching to dual operator mode, a second person can manually pan and tilt the head, giving you greater control of those intensely intricate and beautiful shots.