6 Tips To Make Your Product Crowdfunding Video Succeed

For several years now crowdfunding videos have made it possible for people to raise capital for their products. The popularity of crowdfunding platforms have saturated the market making producers aspire to develop engaging videos that will catch the eye of viewers.

Following the successful Kickstarter campaign for Erato Audio’s Apollo 7 wireless earphones that we produced in tandem with branding and consulting firm Vanson & Associates, we were approached once again to create, this time, an Indiegogo video for their newest products – Muse 5 and Rio 3.

The following 6 tips will provide guidance for the development of your next product video.

#1 High Production Value

You must make your presentation stand apart from the rest. Utilize professional equipment and cast the right people for the roles. Can you imagine if the boxer wasn’t trained in the sport? Or if we didn’t have imaginative imagery coupled with stunning sound? The resulting video wouldn’t be as appealing. The goal is to create an immersive experience that invites the viewer to partake in the campaign.

#2 Video Length

A fundraising video is akin to the elevator pitch with one stark difference, length. Aim for your video to clock in between 2 – 3 minutes which is the optimal length to fully detail your product. By placing a cap on the run time, it will force you to focus on delivering a video that’s exciting and impactful. The goal isn’t to cram information, but to effectively showcase your product.

#3 Scripted Narration

A product’s future that relies on the effectiveness of a crowdfunding video shouldn’t be a freestyle; it needs a creative direction. The poetic approach that we took establishes a mood from the onset that eventually transitions into the products’ ideology and features. The strategy’s purpose is to attract a viewer’s attention with wordplay. Paired with alluring visuals, the dialogue and images produce a captivating presentation.

#4 Understand The Market

Targeting the right audience is going to be beneficial in creating a successful crowdfunding video. We understood that the products’ primary demographic was people with active lifestyles. We included vignettes of people engaging in sports and physical activities knowing that the visuals would resonate with viewers. If a viewer relates to the content, the more apt they are at backing the product.

#5 Call To Action

A crowdfunding video isn’t complete without asking viewers to support the campaign. The selling point for our video’s products was affordability and the freedom that comes with wireless earphones. Instead of highlighting the rewards for backing the product to conclude the video, we decided to emphasize these two significant points along with a call to action. Being a sales pitch, we wanted the key point points be what a viewer listened to last.

#6 It’s A Long Term Investment

Just because your product reached it’s goal doesn’t mean that the longevity of the video is over. The truth is that the video and all the assets are marketing materials to further expand the reach of the product. The video itself, for example, can be used across all social media avenues to promote the product to different audiences. Any still photos and still frames from the video can be utilized for print, web, or any other graphic collateral.

With an outstanding crew and talent as well as locations like Fremont’s Coyote Hills Regional Park and Oakland’s Dogtown Athletic, all the effort that we put into this crowdfunding video resulted in Erato Audio meeting its goal within hours and more than doubling it a week later. There isn’t an exact formula for creating a video that will meet or exceed its crowdfudning goal, but with these tips you can begin to build a solid foundation for you next product.